Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman. This is Batman at 6 months swimming in after a personal best 19' 9" jump. This little girl would live in the water if she could.

K9 Splash Zone played host to not one, not two, but THREE dogs that jumped 28 feet!


Plenty of sun and fun at our first annual Dog Days of Summer NADD/AKC Dock Diving Event.  Surprising us all, Batman flew to a new personal best of 28’1 and making his debut, Tedder leaped to a highly impressive 28’.  In back to back jumps, K9 Splash Zone played host to not one, not two, but THREE dogs that jumped 28’ - Storie, Batman and Tedder - three amazing athletes in a weekend of remarkable dogs.


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Come Play in Our New Dog Dock Diving Pool

K9 Splash Zone is a premium dog dock diving practice, training, and regulation competition size facility built in the heart of Ohio just for dogs. We offer a 21' x 45'5" swimming pool for exercise, therapy and dock diving. This pool is designed for dogs to HAVE FUN!

NADD/AKC Fall Ball Event

Experience Dock Diving with no limitations. Break thru the glass "ceiling" and watch your dogs reach their full potential. Come see what the hype is all about at our NADD/AKC full-size premier faciity. Lets get jumping!

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Police and Military Dogs are ALWAYS Free!

As a First Responder and K9 Handler, I know and value the importance of keeping the working K9 fit and healthy. I am specially trained in the care and in the conditioning of our working dog heroes.
~ Susan Fife DVM

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Can Batman Fly? You Bet She Can!

Instead of sleeping I am sitting here listening to the dog snore and I couldn’t be happier. Sometimes it’s the little things that signify great big achievements. Last summer I discovered Dock Diving. Or, let’s say, I introduced it to my pup and she became obsessed. Batman is a dutch shepherd pup and she is

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K9 Splash Zone Records

Distance Jump:
McKnight & Storie   (Labrador)   29' 6

Distance Jump Lap:
Finley & Triscuit   (All American)   14' 2

Air Retrieve:
McKnight & Storie   (Labrador)   21' 0