Open Dock

Once a week, K9 Splash Zone will host an Open Dock where people can bring their dogs(s) and use the dock to practice their dock diving skills. Open Dock will run similar to “Try-Its” during an event. People will take turns and the dogs will jump into the pool a couple times or use the exit ramp to practice pool skills then get back in line to repeat the process. During Open Dock, handlers will have 3 minutes to hone their skills during each of their turns on the dock. More time will be allotted if there are not others waiting to utilize the dock.

During Open Dock, dogs generally will already know how to swim and retrieve a toy to participate. However, this is also an excellent time to introduce a dog to swimming or retrieving in a pool as you may be able to utilize the advice and help from others who are seasoned competitors. Only one dog is allowed on the dock at a time during Open Dock.

Open Dock days are also a good time to come out and watch dogs jump or talk to others about dock diving without the stress and heat of a competition.

If a handler prefers to have the pool to themselves, we also offer pool rental opportunities in 1/2 hour increments during scheduled times.

When is Open Dock?

Wednesday 4pm – 7pm

Open Dock Pricing:

1st dog $20

Additional dog same family $5

Additional Information:

We need this one time waiver filled out before using our facilities.

Copies of up to date vaccination or titer records are required.
This includes rabies and distemper.