Pool Rental


Reserve the pool for dock diving practice, conditioning swims or just to have fun!

Our pool is available for private sessions whether you wish to use the pool for dock diving practice, for conditioning swims (exercise), to introduce your dogs to water, for rehabilitation after time off or just to have some fun and get your toes wet.

There is no charge for assistance if needed, we are here to help. Whatever your chosen venue or even if you are just here to play and have fun, we are here to help and give advice if you are looking for assistance.
Pool rental is per household so bring a friend (different household) for an additional $5 per half hour or $10 per hour.

Book your pool and dock rentals using our simple online booking system! Please try to make it on time since rentals are back to back.

Don’t forget:

  • A floating toy (no food allowed on the dock)
  • Towels for you and your dog
  • Water (non pool water!) for you and for your dog
  • Crate(s) if you are bringing more than one dog
  • Leash (no flexi-leashes allowed) – dogs must be on leash when not on the dock
  • Dry clothes for your drive home – you will get wet!

Additional Information:

We need this one time waiver filled out before using our facilities.

Copies of up to date vaccination or titer records are required.
This includes rabies and distemper.