Welcome to K9 Splash Zone

K9 Splash Zone is a premium dog dock diving practice, training, and regulation competition size facility built in the heart of Ohio just for dogs. We offer a 21′ x 41’5″ swimming pool for exercise, therapy and dock diving. This pool is designed for dogs to HAVE FUN!

Whether you compete in sanctioned events or just want an afternoon of fun, come check out this super new sport! Dock Diving is teaching your dog to jump as far and/or as high as he can into the pool. One of the best things about Dock Diving – it is totally FUN! Dock Diving is a blast whether you are a serious competitor or just want to escape the summer heat by diving in – swimming is great exercise for the dogs.

Once your dog is reliably swimming, rent the pool to dive in privately, let them swim around, practice competing, rehab muscles or just summer fun exercise!